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At the beginning of the year, the air was full of possibilities. The witty phrase “2020 Vision” was frequently used. However, today with the challenges we have all faced together, the phrase 2020 Vision is used either derisively if at all. What does it mean then for us as individuals with hopes and dreams for the future when we say 2020 Vision? And how do we make our vision boards future knowing that this year our reality turned out to be much different?
Let’s take a look at Rory Vaden’s book “Take the Stairs” (2012). One of the chapters of the book is called “Focus,” and it is a big help with this apparent discrepancy. As other visionaries throughout history have noted, Vaden presents the argument that when we focus on something, that thing grows. On page 97 he instructs the reader to ask himself or herself, “What do you see for the future? What matters most to you? What would you want your perfect life to look like? What is it you want to have? What things do you want to do? Focus on them.”
Vaden also describes something he calls “visioneering” on pages 88 and 89 of his book. He states “Regardless of whether you call it a goal, a purpose, or a vision the bottom line is that you need to have one… A vision is an inspiring mental picture that propels you to take action.”
Thus viewing 2020 through Rory Vaden’s eyes we can see that while these real challenges of 2020 were not on anyone’s vision board, the principles of focus and vision remain steadfastly the same.
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